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Celebrate life’s special moments with alcohol-infused bundt cakes that are extra fun!

Our Story

About Drunkin Bundts

Drunkin Bundts began with a simple question: how can we make dessert more fun? The answer: add alcohol to it! With this in mind we created pastry pairings with your favorite beverages that are sure to please any palate.

Our Mission

Make people happy

Our mission is simple: to make people happy! And what makes people happier than an amazing cake? How about two dozen bite sized ones!

With cakes sized from 2″ – 8″, we’ve got a dessert for any occasion: dinner parties, birthdays, holidays, a surprise gift, or just a sweet tooth craving!

Our Cakes


Strawberry Margarita

Light strawberry cake infused with tequila and lime, topped with strawberry margarita frosting, fresh strawberry and lime wedge

Lemon Raspberry Champagne

Lemon cake swirled with raspberry and infused with champagne, topped with butter cream frosting and a raspberry


Yellow cake infused with Fireball Whiskey topped with Fireball butter cream frosting and genuine gold flakes

Chocolate Guinness Stout

Rich chocolate cake infused with Guinness Stout and topped with a butter cream, just like the foam on top of a Guinness beer

Chocolate Raspberry Port

Rich chocolate cake infused with Chocolate Raspberry port and topped with fresh raspberries

Caramel Bourbon Spice

A traditional spice cake infused with bourbon and topped with a bourbon butter cream frosting with drizzles with homemade caramel

…and more!

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